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Sheep Manager 007 Tour - Ranch

Ranch Pane

One click access to Current sheep Inventory, Ranch Info, Contacts, Reminders, Chores, Weather and Notes.

Clicking the icon on the left pane brings up the details page on the right pane.

Shows inventory of active sheep for each type, refreshed whenever the count changes

Customize info screen with your ranch or animal picture

Ranch contact information is used on reports, sales and printed output, etc

Ranch Contacts

All contacts are found here

Contacts are categorized by contact type such as Buyer, Seller, Veterinarian, etc

Show all contacts. Or, filter list by type of contact or starting characters of last name

Print mailing labels for a single contact or all in list

Edit, Add or Delete or look up contacts from this screen

Time saving picklists for State, Country and ID Title. Type in the first time, next time, just click

Ranch Chores

Keep track of chores, supplies used, time, cost and workers

Filter by date to view all chores within a date range, such as this month, last year, etc

Track completion status with one click

Time saving picklists for Chore, Chore Type and Worker. Type in the first time, next time, just click


Have Sheep 007 remind you of important tasks

Create pop-up reminders when a task is due

Sort and filter by date, status and reminder type

Link with contact and/or specific sheep

Create a recurring reminder for repeating tasks


Monitor and log ranch weather

Record temperature, humidity and precipitation

Stay on top of pasture, water source and forage condtions

Rainfall and temperature entries totaled by month in integrated Pasture Summary reports

Ranch Notes

Free form entry for current ranch notes

Space for approximately 8 pages