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Sheep 007  * * * * *

How cool to find the updates this morning. What a fantastic surprise, and all the things you added are superb. I look forward to trying them all soon. Thanks for keeping the Sheep Program fresh. Over the years you have kept the software SOLID and robust and you are so good at accepting user ideas.....a personal touch that is worth it's weight in GOLD! Thank you for giving us a tool that is central/crucial to our operation! Well done!!

Review by Teresa Beemer, using Sheep 007 since 2008

Ewe Bet Ranch, Loveland Colorado

Reg. Rambouillet and Natural Colored Sheep


Sheep 007  * * * * *

We have used the Sheep program for over 10 years now. Buying the program was my parent's idea at first because they would be taking the reins when I left for college. Quickly, I came to love this program from it's record keeping standpoint. The pedigree tracking and now the related animals section are the most important for me. I've always liked the automated breeding date calculator, and ability to make various reports. Overall, a super program, and our breeding program would be lost without it!

Review by Jody Kabot, using Sheep 007 since 2005

KF-Acres Ranch, Woodlawn, Illinois

Natural Colored and white Columbia and Rambouillet breeding stock and fleeces!


KF-Acres Ranch