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Goat Manager 007 Tour - Goat Ranch Operations

Goat Ranch Operations

Goat ranch operations include sections for Pasture Management and Feed Inventory. Click on the pane in on the left of the screen and select an item to view or edit details on the right

Pasture Management/Pasture Info

Details of the pasture including name, ranch, acreage, location and comments

Separate spring and fall grazing periods as used by summary reports under Reports/Pasture Management

Pasture Management/Pasture Map

Store an aerial photo, survey or other map of the pasture in the Goat 007 for reference.

Print out the map at any time to take in the field. Export map image to a file for email or transfer to a mobile device.

Pasture Management/Pasture Water Sources

Water sources available in the pasture.

Full details of water source, including type, location, capacity, condition and space for a picture.

Pasture Management/Pasture Weeds

Noxious weeds found in the pasture.

Identification details of weeds requiring control or monitoring, including picture.

Space for description, location, observation dates, control method, control status and comments.

Pasture Management/Pasture Grazing Periods

Grazing Periods for which the pasture was in use.

Record pasture conditions, turn in and take out dates, forage amounts and comments

Create grazing period for one pasture, then copy same period to all other pastures

Separate spring and fall grazing periods as used by summary reports under Reports/Pasture Management

Pasture Management/Individual Pasture Movements

Listing of all individual animal moves to and from current pasture

Filter options for Move Date range, Specific Animal, Animal Type and To/From Pasture

Historical record of which goat were in pasture, when and pasture moved from

Pasture moves are recorded automatically whenever the pasture for an animal is changed

Allows editing of pasture movements within report

Entries used in pasture summary reports under Reports/Pasture Management/Individual Pasture Movements

Pasture Management/Group Pasture Movements

Group animal movements into and out of pasture during selected grazing period.

Enter Date, Action, Animal Type, Count and Other Pasture

Popup pick lists and calendar speed up entry

Automatic add of all goat in pasture during previous selected grazing period

Entries used in pasture summary reports under Reports/Pasture Management/Group Pasture Movements

Feed Info/Feed Inventory

Feed and supplements carried in inventory by ranch operation.

Add new feeds carried by typing in Feed Name column on new record

Records Inventory Date, Amount, Units, Consumption per head and Re-Order Alarm level

Popup pick lists and calendar speed up entry

Feed Info/Feed Purchase

Records Feed Purchase details.

Enter Supplier, Feeds purchased, amounts and costs

Entering a new feed purchase with matching Feed Name and Inventory Unit automatically adds purchased amount to Feed Inventory page.

Feed Info/Feed Supplier

Records Feed Supplier details.

Enter Supplier contact information, add feeds carried by supplier. Feeds used in ranch operations are defined on the ranch's feed inventory page.

Supplier name and phone in list at top of screen for quick reference and selection.

Feed Info/List Feed Purchases

List Feed Purchases.

Filter by purchase date range to view all purchases within the specified range.

Includes total cost calculation and export to excel compatible file.