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Goat Manager 007 Tour - Animal Information

Goat Information

Animal Pane

The Animal Information pages gather information and reports for a specific animal in one place.

The Goat 007 offers multiple ways to retrieve an animal's records.

Animal Selection panes are always visible. Click on an animal from the Doe, Kid, Buck, or Wether selection panes on the left side of the screen and the animal's details appear on the right. A useful set of filters make locating an animal from the selection panes a snap. Configure the identifier column in the selection list to display name, ear tag or scrapie ID. Type the beginning of an identifier and the selection list shows only the matching goat.

Details for goat listed in a report are easily available. Clicking on the Go To Selected Animal button from any animal list style report retrieves the animal's details.

If you have one of the EID wands supported by the Goat 007, simply scan the animal's electronic ID and its Animal Information pages appear.

The Archive status in the Goat 007 allows you to retain full details for an animal, while not including it inventory counts. Check the Show Archives box to show all goat on file. Keep the Show Archives box unchecked to show only goat currently in inventory.

Animal Info

The main Animal Info screen contains the most frequently used animal details, pedigree picture, status and reports for a specific animal.

Click an item from the Select Page list on the left of the animal info screen to bring up full livestock mangement details for Breeding, Purchases, Sales, Inoculations and Procedures, Herd and Pasture moves, Related Goats and more...

Production Scores

Yearly Production Scores are a valuable herd management tool. Yearly Production Scores with Lifetime Average, Group Average and Group Ratios are available for FAMACHA Scores, Fecal Egg Count, Body Condition, Managing Ease, Soundness, Tooth Wear, Udder and Maternal Instinct.

The group used to calculate averages and ratios may be any in use by Goat 007. Choose from Contemporary Group, Herd, Pasture, Animal Type, Category, Wean Management Group, Year of Birth and more.

Doe Production Index: For does, a Doe Production Index is calculated using the total Weaning Weight of kids born during the year, adjusted to the age of the doe, and/or the total wool shearing market weight for the doe during the year. Kids must have a Birth Date entered to be included in the index. Shearing records must have a Date Sheared and a Market Weight entered to be included.

The Doe Production Index is calculated by: pounds of kid weaned +(2 x fleece wt.) x age adjustment

Doe Breeding

The Breeding page contains all breeding history for a specific doe

Clicking on a breed record from the top selection list populates a set of tabs with breeding details. A dropdown selects the type of breeding; AI, Natural, AI with Cleanup Buck(s), Embryo Recipient or Embryo Donor. The tabs below contain details of the breeding, including dates, preg check status, costs, personnel and more.

Copy Breeding lets you enter breeding for one doe  then copy to any other doe you select. A popup gestation table offers a convenient reference for due dates.

One AI buck and 3 Natural/Cleanup bucks are allowed. If multiple bucks are used, the Date Bred and Sire tab lets you set the sire buck. The Due Date is automatically adjusted once Preg Check results are entered.

Doe Breeding\Copy Doe Breeding

Save time and improve accuracy by entering breeding information for one doe, then copy to any other does with the same breeding exposure. Select does individually, by use of filter controls, by attached Alflex and Destron EID reader or EID tag file.

All relevent details for AI buck and Natural/Cleanup bucks are copied. A separate breeding record is created for each doe copied to just as if you had entered the information separately. Once Preg Check and/or Kiding details are ready, update all the does.

Should you for any reason wish to remove the copied breeding records, simply click the Undo Copy Breeding button and the copies are removed.

Doe Breeding\Gestation Table

Popup Gestation table in 3 day increments.

At a glance view of approximate Due Date without having to enter any breeding information. Dates are calculated based on gestation period entered on the Program Settings page.

Once breeding dates are entered, Due Date calculation is automatic and appears on the Date Bred and Sire tab of the doe's breeding record.

Doe Breeding\AI Buck

Artificial Insemination Buck used, AI Date, Payment and AI Tech information.

Breeding with the AI Buck may be used in combination with Natural/Cleanup buck(s). If more than one buck is used, the sire for a kid from the breeding may be specified on the Date Bred and Sire page.

Staws used are selected from available inventory for the AI buck used and automatically deducted from the buck's semen inventory if desired.

Doe Breeding\Natural/Cleanup Buck(s)

Up to 3 Natural/Cleanup bucks may be entered for a single doe's breeding record. Pasture Exposure periods for each buck need not be the same.

Breeding with the Natural/Cleanup buck(s) may be used in combination with AI buck and/or ET donor buck. If more than one buck is used, the sire for a kid from the breeding is specified on the Date Bred and Sire page.

Doe Breeding\Date Bred and Sire

The Date Bred and Sire page specifies the Date Bred, Due Date, Buck Used, Preg Check Date and status.

Goat 007 will calculate the breeding date using the Preg Check date and days bred from the Preg Check test if entered. Due date is calculated from the date bred plus the gestation period as specified in Program settings. For Embryo Recipient breeding, the due date calulation is adjusted for the age of the embryo when frozen.

If multiple bucks are used, the sire buck is specified from the possible sires by the Buck Used drop down. For natural/cleanup breeding, the date bred defaults to the begining exposure date. Upon entry of Preg Check results, the date bred is automatically set based on preg check results. However, you may modify the Date Bred if another value is determined.

Doe Breeding\Kiding

Once the doe has lambed, lambing details for up to 4 kids are entered. Filling out the lambing page will return the doe to the Open Does list.

For accuracy and completeness, it is advisable to create kid records directly from the Kiding page. If twins, enter names, weight and sex for both first so that the Goat 007 can correctly set the Sibling Code. Herd, Pasture, Owner, Breed and Dam Age at Birth and other information for the kid are set from the doe. To change preset values for the kid, retrieve the kid record and modify as needed.

Doe Breeding\Embryo Donor

The ET Donor page is available with the Embryo Transfer program add-on and in the Demo version.

Breeding date(s) and buck infomation are entered as with other types of breeding. Set Breeding Type to Embryo Donor. Once embryos are ready to flush, complete the ET Donor page to enter embryos into inventory and make them available for recipient does.

Click the Add Embryo button to add a line for each viable embryo. Only the embryo number and a + in the Include column (Inc) are required. As embryos are implanted in recipient does and the implant recorded in the recipient doe's breeding record the + in the Inc column is removed.

Doe Breeding\Embryo Recipient

The ET Recipient page is available with the Embryo Transfer program add-on and in the Demo version.

Set Breeding Type to Embryo Recipient and proceed to the Embryo Recipient page. First Select the Donor Doe from does with embryos available in inventory. Next, select embryo(s) used. Selected embryos are removed from the donor doe's embryo inventory. Implant Date is required. Heat Synchronization and Implant Cost are optional.

Proceed to the Date Bred and Sire page and enter Preg Check information when available. On any kid records created from the Kiding page, the donor doe will be listed as the Dam and the recipient doe will be listed as the Recip Dam, abbreviated as RD in reports.

Carcass Report

Save full details of the carcass report for production ranking and herd management.

Records important weights, values, scores and monetary value. Room for additional comments.


Unlimited number of comments per animal. Record field notes, observations, to do items, etc for future reference.

Each comment is dated and assigned a topic.

Option to print all comments on file in a single report.

Herd Moves

History of all moves from one herd to another for the lifetime of an animal or a specific date range.

Herd Moves are automatically recorded when the herd is changed on the animal info screen. Using the Herd Move page, you may view or modify the history as needed.

An animal may be moved from one herd to another individually, or as part of a group with the Multiple Move to Herd screen. Kids under weaning age to be moved along with their dam to the new herd.

List Kids

All kids produced by a doe or buck. For a doe, the report includes column options for Recipient Dam or Genetic Dam. Allows viewing of all kids from an ET donor doe and which does were the embryo recipients.

Totals section shows births by breeding type, lambing ease and kid sex.

Innoculations and Procedures

Keep an accurate log of all innoculations and procedures administered.

Enter a procedure for one animal, then click the Copy Procedure button and select any number of other goat to apply the same procedure to. Copy procedure includes per animal cost calculation.

Popup lookup lists speed entry. Enter new procedure names, products, administration methods, etc the first time and next time simply click on the item to enter without typing.

Columns include slaughter and milk withdrawal dates.

Milk Appraisal

Maintain history of Milk Appraisal test results.

Enter test date, results, comments and tester. Review past test results.

Summary of entries included under Reports/Dairy/Milk Appraisals.

Milk DHIA Tests

Maintain history of Milk Dairy Herd Improvement Association (DHIA) test results.

Enter test date, results, production, comments and tester. Review past test results.

Summary of entries included under Reports/Dairy/Milk DHIA Testing.

DHIA website

Milk Production

Maintain daily history of Milk Production.

Up to 3 milkings per day with amounts, percent fat and percent protein.

Summary of entries included under Reports/Dairy/Milk Production.

Mortality Report

Mortality event details.

Includes Date, Cause, Location, Purchase Price, Comments and other documention of event.

Filling out report automatically archives animal and sets How Disposed reason and date.

Summary included in reports section under Reports\Livestock Health\Mortality List.

Multiple Animal Sale

Sell multiple goat in one invoice.

Enter Buyer, Sales Rep, Weights, Shipping, Payment Amounts and terms for the sale.
Select goat in sale by clicking individually on Include column, by Herd or All goat in inventory of the specified type.

Option for Per Animal Weights, or enter weight total directly. Goat included in sale are automatically archived and marked as Sold.

Offspring Sales

All offspring sales from currently viewed Doe, Buck or Embryo Transfer Recipient Doe

Filter options for Sale Date and Sold To

Individual sale amounts, totals and average value for offspring from doe or buck

Pasture Movements

Listing of all animal moves from one pasture to another

Filter option for Move Date range

Historical record of animal location in pastures

Pasture moves are recorded automatically whenever the pasture for the animal is changed

Allows editing of pasture movements within report

Picture Pedigree

Full Picture Pedigree with 4 generations viewable

Add/Edit ancestors in place. Move your mouse cursor over an ancestor label such as Sire or Dam and the label changes to a clickable link. Click the link to add or edit the ancestor animal.

Navigate ancestry further generations back with ease.

Print or email full picture pedigree direct from the screen.

Animal Pictures

No limit to number of pictures per animal

Document animal appearance at different life stages or events.

Set any picture as current pedigree picture.

Export stored pictures at any time to JPEG image file.

Animal Purchase

Full Purchase details and picture at time of purchase

Complete Payment, Shipping and Seller information

Support for Bred Doe purchase with Bred Buck and Date Bred

Includes animal in Reports/Livestock Finance/All Animal Purchases

Related Goats

View all goats related to the current animal

Multiple options for same Sire, Dam, Ancestor, Descendant and Sibling

Ancestor and Descendant options include number of generatons removed

Valuable breeding selection and herd management tool


Track wool production, wool quality and wool sales on the Shearing page.

Includes Wool Gross Weight, Market Weight,Fleece Color, Micron Count and Spin Count.

The Apply to Herd function creates a shearing record for the other goat of the same type in the herd. Enter Shearing Date and Shearer for one animal, in the herd and Apply to Herd saves you time by automatic creation of shearing records for the other goat.

Animal Sale

Full Sale details and picture at time of sale

Complete Payment, Shipping and Buyer information

Support for Doe sale with Bred Buck and Date Bred

Automatically sets Archive Status and How Disposed

Includes animal in applicable sales reports

Livestock Show

Livestock Show entry, performance and finance documentation

Track expenses for boarding, training, entry fees, lodging and transportation

Automatic calculation of profit from winnings after expenses are accounted for

Ultrasound Report

Save details of the ultrasound report for production ranking and herd management.

Records weight, measured values, actual and adjusted scores, group ratio and ranking.

Room for additional comments.

Includes summary in Reports/Livestock Health/Ultrasound List

Vet Visits

Keep an accurate log of all Vet Visits.

Details include Date, Reason, Veterinarian and Costs incurred.

Lookup lists for Other Expense and Reason. Enter new value the first time and next time simply click on the item to enter without typing.

Ample space available for notes on follow up treatment, outcome, etc.


Maintains log of animal scale weights.

Automatic calculation of age in months when weighted and change from previous weight

Historical record of weights measured

Includes measurement in Reports/Livestock Inventory/List Animal Weights

Wean/Yearling Adjusted Weights

Popup on Animal Info page, available for all animal types.

Automatic breed specific calculation of adjusted wean weights, yearling weights and dam age.

Adjusted for dam age, sibling code, age when weighed and calculation according to industry standards.

Calculates 30 day adjusted wean weight, 60 day adjusted wean weight 90 day adjusted wean weight, 120 day adjusted wean weight and adjusted yearling weight.

Custom Animal Fields

Define up to 10 custom animal fields of your choosing

Enter values for each animal from the main animal information screen. Keep track of animals and make comparisons using criteria that you define.

Gain Per Day

Popup on Animal Info page, available for all animal types.

Automatic calculation of weight gain per day.

Gain per day calculated for overall period and for each weighing interval.

Buck Semen Inventory

Maintains inventory of semen straws in storage for buck

Select from straws in inventory when entering doe breeding AI buck details.

Lookup lists for tank and cannister.

Includes summary in Reports/Semen System/Semen Inventory for all bucks.