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Most User Friendly Goat Program Available

The Goat Manager 007 is a sophisticated program and does what you need a Goat program to do, but is very easy to use. Instead of hidden drop-down menus, this goat manager has clearly marked buttons on the screens in plain view. The display screens are presented in a neat, easy to read layout, and the reports are printed in the same order they are displayed on the screen.

Goat Manager Screens and Reports
All Animal Types
Breeding Records
Feed Inventory
Work Animals
Multiple Sales
Picture Pedigree
Embryo Transfers
Inoculations and Procedures
Pedigree Chart
Purchase Report
Drop-Down Calendar (All Dates)
Password Protection
Cycle Due Dates
Automatic Data Backup
..And Many More
Sales Reports
Purchase Reports
Veterinarian Visits
Medication (Animal)
Dairy Section
File Cabinet
Pasture Management
Ranch Weather
Animal Comments
Animal Pictures
Business Contacts
Bred Does Due Dates
Semen System
Wool Production
Shows and Events
Scales and Scanners

One year of program updates included with purchase!

Price: $289 Goat 007 Commercial
  $149 Goat 007 Small Herd
  $50 Add Embryo Transfer
  $99 Upgrade from Goat
Version 5
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