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Deer 007  * * * * *

Overall experience with program has been wonderful & extremely helpful!

The useful tools,reports,invoices are very helpful! Run small deer operation in business for over 10yrs. It has helped me with all of our breeding, sales, purchases, & all aspects of our animal information.

Most useful are the reports for inventory, fawn offspring, pedigrees. All the information needed for our operation & any sales for buyers. New features to add are saving pedigrees from online system with NADR registry. A file to save pedigree pdf documents.

Review by Lori Ford, using Deer 007 since 2005

Rio Rojo Rancho, Bagwell Texas

Trophy Whitetails, Gold Medal Exotics


Deer 007, Cow Calf 007  * * * * *

We would be lost without this easy to use program We breed our Reindeer for Christmas display use and not for meat. So for 46 weeks of the year they chill out relax and have babies and for 6 weeks work to pay the bills. Family tree and breeding list details are a great help when having a large number of blood lines and a bad memory. Family tree and blood line information Tried both the Deer verison but felt the cow calf had more relevance to Reindeer rather than the deer version that seems more meat/hunt orientated.

Review by George Richardson, England UK

Rent a Reindeer Ltd

The largest breeding herd of Reindeer in the North of England UK


 Rent a Reindeer Ltd  Rent a Reindeer Ltd