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Deer Record Keeping with Deer Manager 007

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Your purchase of the Deer 007 includes:
  • One year of program updates from the Registered User Download page
  • One year, no charge, USA based customer service and support
  • Multiple computer, per operation licensing
  • Editable Full Picture Pedigree
  • Embryo Transfer breeding
  • Texas Annual Reports and NADR forms
  • Food Plots, Harvest Records and Antler Scoring
  • Pasture Management with Herd and Pasture Movement history
  • Inventory history with inventory on any specific date for drought assistance or other application
  • Import and Export to spreadsheet
  • Backup and Restore to USB flash drive or CD
  • Reminders, Chores list, Weather, Feed Purchases and Contacts
  • No Limit to number of deer
  • Tractor and Vehicle Maintenance
  • Equipment Inventory with Borrowed Items list
  • File Cabinet and Real Estate
  • See Program Tour pages for more...

Welcome to the Deer 007! We welcome you to explore, as a growing number of others already have, our proven, all in one record keeping system for improved productivity in livestock and ranch management. As you begin to think about bringing recommended best practices in livestock management and herd improvement with the Deer 007, you may also explore how the Farm Maintenance and Ranch Extras sections can save you time and money by keeping track of maintenance, expenses and documentation for your equipment, tractors, vehicles, real estate, file cabinet, working animals and more.

Soon you'll discover as so many others have, how to bring out the very best potential in your herd's productivity and reap the rewards of the hard work towards the future you have envisioned with an easy to use, affordable and powerful ranch management system. Because the Deer Manager 007 is a complete record keeping system full of advanced features and sophisticated reports designed to put you back in control right now. In a snap, you can identify the top ranking producers among your livestock as well as those that sometimes just seem to be eating up more and more of the profits with each passing day.

Whether you are using it to show a pedigree to a prospective buyer, document expenses for insurance or tax purposes or quickly review veterinary treatments for a sick animal; whatever the demands of the task at hand, the Deer 007 is dedicated to making it simple, easy and available right now. Open layout navigation brings everything that is required to your attention, in plain view and just a click or two away. So much so that our customers continually impress us with how easy it is to use the Deer 007 in so many imaginative and useful ways that we hadn't even anticipated.

Your important ranch records are always available to you at any time and access is not contingent on renewal of monthly contracts or subscriptions. The Deer 007 takes no chances and uses fast, reliable, SQL driven access to data stored on your own computer, under your control using the power and speed of a native Windows compiled application.

The cost of the Deer Manager 007 software is plain to see, not hidden by recurring monthly fees or market segmented pricing. We're here to help should you need assistance and support is available by toll free phone or email at no additional charge. Because your purchase includes a full year of program updates from the Registered User Download page and the expert assistance of dependable USA based customer service and support that thousands have counted on since 1999, now and long into the future. You can use the program as long as you like, on your own computer, and renewal of updates and support is your choice. Also remember after you buy that renewal is free as you join with others in the Refer-A-Friend program.

The growing popularity of the Refer-A-Friend program is a testament to the great service and unique value discovered by those who have found the Deer 007 in their quest. Livestock Managers does not advertize and all our valued customers found us through word of mouth, met us at livestock shows or through investing time on the Internet. We recently started the Refer-A-Friend program to show our appreciation and as a reward to our customers for their confidence. How it works is very simple, just recommend the Deer 007, or any other Livestock Managers program, to a friend with a reminder to mention your referral when they order. Your friend gets 10% off at the time of purchase and you get a credit applied for an additional year of updates and support when your current year ends. If you refer more than one friend, all may receive the 10% off new purchase discount!

In today's world, all ranches, both large and small face a daunting set of challenges that the Deer 007 was specifically designed to conquer. We welcome and appreciate all who have found us, because you will too, as you begin to realize the profits and improved productivity from getting in control of all aspects that affect your bottom line. If you are ready to order now, since you can already see what it would be like to have the Deer 007 working for you, just dial our toll free number or click the Order Online button at the top of the page. If you would like to invest more time to consider the many ways that things can improve, we invite you to explore our 30 day demo for free. Either way, we'd like to hear from you!