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Deer Manager 007 - Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few frequently asked questions about the Deer 007

Q: How can I export data to a spreadsheet
A: Most reports have an Excel icon near the print button. By clicking this button, you can print to a spreadsheet compatible text file.

Q: Will the Deer 007 run on Windows Vista and Windows 7?
A: Yes, the Deer 007 uses the latest development system from Microsoft and will run on Vista and Windows 7. It is also fully compatible with Windows XP.

Q: Will the Deer 007 run on the Apple Mac OS?
A: Yes, if the appropriate supporting software is installed. Products such as VMWare Fusion for the Mac or Parallels Desktop for the Mac allow Windows programs such as the Deer 007 to run on the Mac. Visit their product websites for details.

Q: How do I install updates to the Deer 007?
Using your web browser, navigate to the Registered User Download page on for the Deer 007. Download and install the Deer 007, just as you did when originally purchasing.