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What Our Customers Say

Cow-Calf 007  * * * * *

Cow-Calf Manager 007 makes the record keeping the easiest part of any cattle operation. I recommend this program to anyone in the livestock industry. I can track the herds, breeding and equipment. Customer Service is also excellent. I've used Cow-Calf Manager for many years. This program has made the paperwork end of the job much easier to manage. With just a few key strokes I'm able to see a list of calves from each cow, pasture moves, etc. This has made my job much easier. I would highly recommend the program to anyone with a cow-calf operation. Thanks, Teri & crew!

Review by Tanya Stacy Taylor, using Cow-Calf 007 since 2009

Taylor Cattle Company, Tahlequah Oklahoma

Black Angus & Hereford/Angus cross cattle

 Taylor Cattle Company

Cow-Calf 007, Deer 007  * * * * *

We would be lost without this easy to use program We breed our Reindeer for Christmas display use and not for meat. So for 46 weeks of the year they chill out relax and have babies and for 6 weeks work to pay the bills. Family tree and breeding list details are a great help when having a large number of blood lines and a bad memory. Family tree and blood line information Tried both the Deer verison but felt the cow calf had more relevance to Reindeer rather than the deer version that seems more meat/hunt orientated.

Review by George Richardson, England UK

Rent a Reindeer Ltd

The largest breeding herd of Reindeer in the North of England UK


 Rent a Reindeer Ltd  Rent a Reindeer Ltd

Cow-Calf 007  * * * * *

We have been using Cow-Calf Manager since 2013. Easy, efficient program, makes my record keeping a breeze.

Review by Kelly Newbill, Powell Butte, Oregon

N3 Cattle CO

 N3 Cattle CO

Goat 007  * * * * *

I have been using Goat 007 since 2014 and I am very happy with this product. You do not need a complex application. This program contains everything and a little more. I highly recommend it.. Teri is very pleased and helpful. She was very informative and helped me to transfer my files very easily to our new computer. Thank you so much. Wow! There is so many things to say. I can keep track of who sired who. The weight of the kids, FAMACHA, so much. I find it fantastic that it doesn't change drastically, the upgrades are subtle. I like that I can use it on my old computer with windows7. I would like to have a way to enter repeating chores that I can click (x) done and it show up the next time blank to do again. Same with reminders. I would make it possible to mark reminders as done when they pop up.

Review by Adele Browers, Arcadia, Missouri

HAB Farms, Arcadia, Missouri

Sheep 007  * * * * *

We have used the Sheep program for over 10 years now. Buying the program was my parent's idea at first because they would be taking the reins when I left for college. Quickly, I came to love this program from it's record keeping standpoint. The pedigree tracking and now the related animals section are the most important for me. I've always liked the automated breeding date calculator, and ability to make various reports. Overall, a super program, and our breeding program would be lost without it!

Review by Jody Kabot, using Sheep 007 since 2005

KF-Acres Ranch, Woodlawn, Illinois

Natural Colored and white Columbia and Rambouillet breeding stock and fleeces!


KF-Acres Ranch

Goat 007  * * * * *

I really love Goat 007. It helps me keep all the information about all my myotonic goats. When I sell my kids, I provide reports I generate from Goat 007. Buyers are impressed! The support is excellent as well. I will always use Goat 007!

Review by Humes Haven

Humes Haven "Home of happy fainting goats"


Sheep 007  * * * * *

How cool to find the updates this morning. What a fantastic surprise, and all the things you added are superb. I look forward to trying them all soon. Thanks for keeping the Sheep Program fresh. Over the years you have kept the software SOLID and robust and you are so good at accepting user ideas.....a personal touch that is worth it's weight in GOLD! Thank you for giving us a tool that is central/crucial to our operation! Well done!!

Review by Teresa Beemer, using Sheep 007 since 2008

Ewe Bet Ranch, Loveland Colorado

Reg. Rambouillet and Natural Colored Sheep


Goat 007  * * * * *

You guys go above and beyond as far as Jan Quisenberry and I are concerned. The program is very easy to learn and provides needed reports that are easily manipulated in Excel to add any columns that might be needed for a particular use. And the customer service ROCKS!

Jan has been in the livestock industry for several years, the last 15 raising goats. I have been raising Boer goats for the last 8 years. We recently teamed up together. We have a small operation, running 28 does. I had previously used Goat Manager and introduced it to Jan. The program is easy to use and the reports provide any information you might want about your operation. I can easily print a sales report for a specific timeframe which makes end of year taxes a snap! With the animal lists it is easy to create a spreadsheet to take to the barn to keep track of weights, doses, and any other notes you want when processing does.

Review by Roberta Blivens

MJM Farms, Northern California

Boer Goats

Cow-Calf 007  * * * * *

Very good! Easy to use, great support. Excellent record keeping capabilities and report options. Reports on statistics of sales, inventory, mortality, entries are very complete.

Review by Katie Keenan, using Cow-Calf 007 since 2014

Keenan Ranch, Ismay Montana

Commercial beef cattle, Angus and F1 Black Baldies


 Keenan Ranch

Deer 007  * * * * *

Overall experience with program has been wonderful & extremely helpful!

The useful tools,reports,invoices are very helpful! Run small deer operation in business for over 10yrs. It has helped me with all of our breeding, sales, purchases, & all aspects of our animal information.

Most useful are the reports for inventory, fawn offspring, pedigrees. All the information needed for our operation & any sales for buyers. New features to add are saving pedigrees from online system with NADR registry. A file to save pedigree pdf documents.

Review by Lori Ford, using Deer 007 since 2005

Rio Rojo Rancho, Bagwell Texas

Trophy Whitetails, Gold Medal Exotics


Cow-Calf 007  * * * * *

Helps me keep track of what I'm doing. Good software but I'd like to see the American Hereford Association added to the breeds list. Most useful features are pedigree, breeding records. Add American Hereford Association breed.

Review by David Cole, using Cow-Calf 007 since 2014

Cole Polled Herefords, Orange Grove Texas

Polled Herefords


Cow-Calf 007  * * * * *

We love this system. The Customer Service (Teri) is awesome. She has returned our calls on the day after Thanksgiving and the day after Christmas and is always so sweet and helpful. Tracking records of each animal is much easier and we can give buyers a print out of health records. We love this product. Add being able to print files and lists like spreadsheets with lines between animals. Working with more than the Angus Association. We are Simmental breeders and would like to see some of the benefits of you working with them.

Review by James Cowell, using Cow-Calf 007 since 2002

Frosty Springs Farm, , Waynesburg Pennsylvania

Cow-Calf and Seedstock operation. Purebred Simmentals and Commercial herd of Red Angus Cows


Frosty Springs Farm

Cow-Calf 007  * * * * *

Very good! We have been able to track cow production much easier. Most all features are useful. Add preg check date and bred or open total herd.

Review by Andy Lawrence, using Cow-Calf 007 since 2002

Lawrence Ranch, Nunn Colorado

Commercial Cow-Calf operation

Lawrence Ranch

Cow-Calf 007  * * * * *

Mostly good, with a few frustrations. Excellent record keeping capabilities and Report options. The reports are quick and simple ways to find animals that might otherwise fall through the cracks. It would be helpful to be able to look at open and bred lists for all animals, not just cow or heifers. I'd also like to see some more dairy-friendly features. For instance, I keep track of heat cycles starting immediately after calving, but I don't breed until the cow has passed 60 days in milk, so I'd like to be able to enter a heat seen, but not bred, and then be able to see her next heat cycle.

Review by AnnMarie Stickney, using Cow-Calf 007 for 1+ years

Small dairy milking, Registered Jerseys

Sheep 007  * * * * *

Good! Most useful features are photos, lists to take to the barn for various tasks, lambing dates. A phone app would be nice.

Review by Jackie Bowles, using Sheep 007 since 20005

Club lamb producer

Sheep 007  * * * * *

I would appreciate if inbreeding coefficient was calculated.

Review by Crystal Emsoff, using Sheep 007 since 2010

Emsoff Livestock Company, Chilcoot California

Club Lambs


Sheep 007  * * * * *

Excellent product. We've grown together over the years. They've been very responsive and creative with upgrades and the product delivers.
Improved productivity in organization and record keeping. Most useful features are breeding, line tracking and reporting.

Review by Stoney Mountain Farm, LLC, using Sheep 007 5+ years

Stoney Mountain Farm, LLC

Growing, progressive


Goat 007  * * * * *

I absolutely love Goat 007, I wish I knew about it sooner. Much more organized then I was before! Most useful feature is the estimated due date and shot record area. I'm still getting use to the program, but maybe add an area to record fecal... If you don't have it yet.

Review by Amy Field, using Goat 007 since 2008

Almosta Goat Farm, Magnet Nebraska

All of our goats are loved pets. Breeding is just a bonus :)


Almosta Goat Farm