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Cow-Calf Manager 007 - Version History

Version History

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The following is a summary of changes in posted recent new versions of the Cow-Calf 007.

To find changes since your installed version of the the Cow-Calf 007, first locate your installed version. Click on the round cow icon in the far upper left of the program screen and in the popup menu that appears, click the item labeled Program Info or About Cow-Calf 007.

The installed version is displayed near the top of the popup, circled on the image to the right.

The Program Info screen also shows installed program options and update subscription expiration. Prior to the update subscription expiration date, updates may be installed at no additional charge and without need of entering your user name and key.

To install updates, use your web browser and navigate to the Registered User Download page on for the Cow-Calf 007. Download and install the Cow-Calf 007, just as you did when originally purchasing.

New in version 9.19

  • Import your Beefmaster Breeders United herd extract file into the Cow-Calf 007
  • Supports a full four generation pedigree with all registered animals and their ancestors
  • Creates contact records for all breeders in the herd file

New in version 9.18

  • Decimal place entry for animal weights

New in version 9.17

  • Sort options for List Calf Sales report
  • Animals Sold from Cow or Bull report sort options
  • List Offspring Sales Sort options
  • List All Animal Sales Sort options

New in version 9.16

  • List Cow-Calf Pairs Report corrections

New in version 9.15

  • Small Herd Edition now includes all Farm Maintenance, Ranch Extras and Breed Association Sections
  • Import from Longhorn 007 into the Cow-Calf 007

New in version 9.14

  • Embryo Transfer now included with all Cow-Calf 007 installations

New in version 9.13

  • Export Animals adds 43 additional fields, including all Wean/Yearling and User Defined custom fields
  • Export Animals defaults to export of minimum set of required columns
  • Configure Export shows available columns in sorted order
  • Import Animals adds 43 additional fields, including all Wean/Yearling and User Defined custom fields

New in version 9.12

  • Frame Score calculation to decimal place

New in version 9.11

  • Embryo Aspiration Date for In-Vitro fertilization on ET Donor page

New in version 9.10

  • Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America TLBAA
  • TLBAA Herd File Import
  • TLBAA Membership Info
  • TLBAA List Registered Animals
  • TLBAA List Transferred Animals
  • TLBAA List AI/ET Certificates
  • TLBAA Animal Registration
  • TLBAA Animal Transfer
  • TLBAA AI/ET Certificate
  • Unlimited Horn Measurements

New in version 9.09

  • New Report Individual Animal Metrics and Stats
  • Shows any one of 36 predefined weights and scores for each animal

New in version 9.08

  • Set Color for new calf from the dam's calving page
  • Go to Calf button on dam's calving page to go to direct to main info page for the new calf
  • Go to Dam button on calf's main info page to go direct to the main info page for the dam

New in version 9.07

  • 205 Day Adjusted Wean Wt correction for Bulls and Steers

New in version 9.06

  • Use default birth weight of 75 for 205 day adjustd wean weight if birth weight not entered
  • Use default dam age of 5 for 205 day adjustd wean weight if dam birth date not entered

New in version 9.05

  • Double click to edit selection pane labels for Ranch, Reports, etc
  • Date display reformat in local language for non-English systems

New in version 9.04

  • Keep picture selection folder and use for next picture
  • Keep print to file for report folder and use for next report

New in version 9.03

  • Backup and Restore data from Ranch Pane, updated messages for USB flash drives
  • Clear and Recalculate Adjusted Weights and Measures functions in Program Settings

New in version 9.02

  • Refresh of animal panes when cattle are sold
  • 365 Day Adjusted Yearling Weight calculation
  • List Cow MPPA Report number of calves column

New in version 9.01

  • List Cow Most Probable Producing Ability (MPPA) Report
  • Calving Interval in List Cows and List Cow/Calf Pairs report
  • Muscling Score, Body Condition Score (BCS)
  • Management Code for animals
  • New How Disposed Codes
  • Average Calving Ease
  • Age of Dam Adjusted Birth Weight
  • 205 Day Efficiency Percent
  • Weight Per Day of Age at Wean (WDA)
  • Average Daily Gain at Wean (ADG)
  • 205 and 365 Day Adjusted Hip Ht and Frame Score
  • 365 Day Adjusted Hip Ht, Frame Score, Pelvic Area and Scrotal Circumference
  • Estimated Milk Production for Dam
  • Additional Metrics/Stats by Sire/Dam, Birth Year and and Production year
  • User Defined Custom Fields for Animal Info

New in version 9.00

  • Link cow breeding type to calf's How Conceived entry
  • Set additional fields when creating calf from cow's breeding page
  • -Includes How Conceived, How Acquired, Date Acquired, Owner, Breeder, Pasture and Breed.
  • Link cow breeding type to calf's How Conceived entry
  • Tab order redo on main animal screens

New in version 8.99

  • List Cow/Calf Pairs report: skip archived calves
  • List Pictures Cow/Calf Pairs report: skip archived calves

New in version 8.96

  • Dam Cow column in List Calves Worksheet
  • Gestation Days calculated for Cow Breeding when entering Calving date
  • Cow Breeding records spontaneous abortion info

New in version 8.95

  • New List All Animal Weights report
  • Shows weights for all animals in a single report
  • Fix for report, Inventory on Specific Date

New in version 8.91

  • New Bulk Add Animals screen to add a series of new animals quickly
  • Save time setting up initial herd file and when adding new animals

New in version 8.90

  • New report: Active Inventory on Specific Date
  • Head count on any given date, filter by last weight, wean status and more

New in version 8.89

  • Saving animal after editing Gain Per Day
  • Saving animal after editing Wean/Yearling

New in version 8.88

  • Import from an American Angus Association herd file
  • Condition Score page for all animal types
  • List Disposed animals report
  • New Metrics/Stats reports section:
  • Cow Production Index report
  • Cow's Calf Weights by year
  • Bulls Calf Weights by year
  • List Condition Scores
  • Cow Breeding, Calving tab, Reminder to set Bull Used with multiple bulls
  • EPDs for Angus values on Animal EPD page
  • Wean/Yearling, field for Dam Weight at time of calf Weaning

New in version 8.87

  • Gain per Day defaults to Birth Date and Wt
  • GPD button to begin with Wean Date and Wt
  • Get Last Wt button to copy last Wt to GPD entry
  • Get Last Wt button to copy last Wt to Wean/Yearling Wt

New in version 8.85

  • AllFlex Bluetooth EID Reader support
  • Aleis Bluetooth EID Reader support
  • Virtual COM port support for scales and EID readers

New in version 8.84

  • Breeding information for heifers
  • List Bred Heifers report
  • List Open Heifers report
  • Copy Breeding for heifers
  • Active cows and heifers listed as Open by default

New in version 8.83

  • Set Default Values for new cattle
  • Time saving automatic preload of common fields for new cattle
  • Copy Default Values from last animal updated
  • List Calves Worksheet
  • List Bloodlines Report
  • List Bred Recipient Cows Report
  • Multiple Add Archived Calf entry for adult animals
  • Include cattle entered as adults in List Calves reports
  • Weaned Calves excluded when Dam moved to another Herd
  • Weaned Calves excluded when Dam moved to another Pasture
  • Set Include In Lookups for all Cows and Bulls
  • Option to Exclude Weaned Calves from List Cow-Calf Pairs Report
  • Option to Exclude Weaned Calves from Cow-Calf Pairs Pictures Report

New in version 8.81

  • Edit parent animals direct from Pedigree Screen
  • You can both Add new parent animals and Change existing parent without leaving Pedigree screen
  • New screens and options under Program Settings
  • Export cattle to an Excel compatible text file (CSV)
  • Import and update cattle from an Excel compatible text file (CSV)
  • Cow Calf Pairs report totals calculation fix
  • Specify Move Date for Herd and Pasture Moves
  • Calves under 205 days moved with Dam or Recip Dam - Fix

New in version 8.76

  • Increase size of Ranch Notes to 16384 characters

New in version 8.75

  • Small Herd Option
  • Expiration and Update Notifications
  • Print All Comments for animal
  • Working Animal deletion fix
  • Animal Invoice Picture fix
  • Animal Purchase Picture fix

New in version 8.74

  • Option to show calves from Recip Dam in List Calves
  • Option to show calves from Recip Dam in List Calves from Cow
  • Option to show calves from Recip Dam in List Offspring Sales
  • Option to show calves from Recip Dam in List Cow/Calf Pairs
  • Option to show calves from Recip Dam in List Cow/Calf Pair Pictures
  • Option to show last calf from Recip Dam in List Cows
  • Option to show last calf from Recip Dam in List Bred Cows
  • Check for duplicate animal invoices when saving individual or muliple invoice

New in version 8.70

  • Set new calf with same Owner, Pasture and Breed as Sire or Dam when created from Calving tab on Sire or Dam breeding record

New in version 8.68

  • Multiple Move to new animal type
  • List Bulls report shows Avg calf birth Wt
  • Import from scale records not case sensitive

New in version 8.67

  • Check Option for Archived Cattle in Multiple Sale

New in version 8.66

  • Program fixes and maintenance update
  • 10,000 record limit for shots removed

New in version 8.64

  • List Cow-Calf pair pictures
  • Tru-Test Scale updates
  • Import Last Measured Weights from scales
  • Export Last Measured Weights to Link3000 Upload file

New in version 8.61

  • Feed Purchase fixes

New in version 8.60

  • Option to Create Archived Calf record from Pedigree Add Animal and Add Animal screens

New in version 8.57

  • Edit Pay Type in Edit Lookups
  • Animal Disposition on main animal info screen

New in version 8.56

  • Fix for List Animals Report printing

New in version 8.54

  • Fix for List Sales from Cow on Main Animal Info Page
  • Fix for List Animal Purchases sorting

New in version 8.53

  • List Sales From Bull or Cow From Main Animal Info Page
  • Multiple Move to Pasture fix
  • Calf Avg Gain Per Day in List Cows and List Bulls report
  • Pasture Grazing period comments expanded to 8000 characters, option to print on separate page
  • New Cow-Calf Pairs report list all cows with calves
  • Unlimited Animal Weights
  • New List Animal Weights report
  • Calf current Weight