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Cow-Calf Manager 007 Tour - Program Setup and Utilities

Program Setup and Utilities

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The Cow-Calf 007 puts you in the driver's seat with program options, settings and data utilities.

Program setup and utilities are located in two main areas of the program.

Click on the round cow icon in the far upper left of the program screen and a popup menu appears with actions to View Help Topics, Check for Updates, Visit Program Website, Register an Upgrade Key, or View Installed Program Options.

On the far lower left of program screen, the Program Setup pane offers extensive program setup, data import and export, device configuration, tech support and other functions.

Other program configuration options, such as the Preload default values for new animals are also available directly from the screen in which they are used.

New Cattle Preload Values

Time saving preloaded values for new cattle

Apply commonly used values to new cattle added

Enable, disable or modify default values used when adding new cattle to inventory

The Copy From Last Updated Animal button is a time saving feature when entering a group of similar cattle in bulk. After adding one of the cattle and entering full details, click the button to load the values into the preload screen to apply to the other new cattle.

Bulk Add Animals

Save time setting up initial herd file and when adding new animals.

Add a series of new animals quickly with customizable naming convention

Used together with Preload Values, you can create a series of new animals with as many as 32 common fields already filled out!

Edit Lookups

Time saving lookup lists are used extensively throughout the Cow-Calf 007. Type a new value in the first time and the next time, simply click on it from the list to enter.

The Edit Lookups page, located in the lower left Program Setup pane, allows you to add, edit or delete lookup values for any of the user defined lookup lists.

Locate the appropriate lookup list under Choose Lookup and the List of Values appears below. Values marked as predefined are used internally by the Cow-Calf and may not be deleted. Values that you entered may be modified or deleted. Simply click on an item in the list and edit or remove as required. Correcting a typing mistake, or removing a value that is no longer used is simple. New values may be added by typing in a new value name and clicking the Add Value button.

Data Management - Backup and Restore

The Cow-Calf 007 makes it easy to protect your cattle operation's data by regular backups to external media.

Backup and restore of all Cow-Calf 007 data, including pictures is supported to a USB flash drive, CD Rom, External hard drive, floppy or zip disk.

Backup and restore may also be used to transfer data between two computers that both have the Cow-Calf 007 installed. Perform a Backup on the computer with the data that you wish to transfer to the second computer. Once the backup is complete, perform a Restore from the second computer and the data from the first is transferred.

The Cow-Calf 007 also maintains a set of rotating automatic backups in folder C:\LivestockManagersBackupFiles for added data security.

Tech Support - Send Data

The Cow-Calf 007 has built in capability to send data to tech support to resolve an isssue if required.

Contact Livestock Managers in the event of a technical support issue. Should the need arise, your data can be uploaded to tech support as an email attachment.

Technical support is available to current subscribers by phone toll free or by email at no additional charge.

Program Settings

Configure the Cow-Calf 007 from the Program Settings page.

Set Gestation period and period to automatically move calves along with their dam to a new herd or pasture.

Change Cow-Calf 007 color theme to any of the 10 themes available.

Set a program password, default values, backup options and more from the Program Setup page.

Import from MDI Cow-Calf 5

If you have upgraded from the MDI Cow-Calf 5 program, the Cow-Calf 007 will automatically detect the data if installed in the default c:\agridata folder and launch this page.

If your MDI Cow-Calf 5 program was configured to save data in a different folder than c:\agridata, click the browse button and navigate to the Cow-Calf 5's data folder.

Click Start import and do not leave the page until you get a message that import is complete. Confirm cattle inventory count and make any necessary adjustments..

Scales and Scanners

Configure the Cow-Calf 007 for use with one or more of the supported electronic EID wands or digital scale indicators.

EID wands from AllFlex, YTex and Destron are supported, as are electronic scales from Tru-Test, DigiStar and Gallagher. Scale weights may be imported either from a connected scale or a file created by a program supplied by the manufacturer of the scale.

Once configured, EID wands can be used for animal lookup, to apply an operation such as a pasture move to animals matching the list in the wand, and to select a group of animals for an operation such as innoculatins and procedures.

Scale Weight File Import

Import of a weight file produced by the Link 3000, Tru-Test's manufacturer supplied program.

Follow steps on the page to select weight file, confirm file layout from preview, specify weight type, match import file fields to Cow-Calf 007 fields and specify the field by which to match cattle.

In addition to weight and EID number import, the Tru-Test file import includes a time saving option to create new animal records in the Cow-Calf 007 from cattle that were entered on the indicator, but not found in the Cow-Calf 007.

Export Animals

Choose any combination of columns from cattle records to export to an Excel compatible text file.

Select cattle to include in export by clicking the Include column and/or using filter controls.

Filter options are provided for Herd, Pasture, Owner, Category, Animal Type, Year of Birth, Registration and Archived status

After selecting cattle, click Configure Export and set columns to include in the file and their order. Click Export to File and the file is ready for import into Excel or any program that make use of a CSV text file.

Import Animals

Import cattle records from an Excel compatible text file (CSV).

If you are currently using a spreadsheet for managing your cattle herd, or another program that can export to a CSV file, the Import Animals page can be a time saving way to get your herd data set up in the Cow-Calf 007.

The only required columns in the import file are Animal Type and Name/Tag Num.

The full list of supported column names and required data formats and value ranges may be viewed by clicking on the Import File Requirements button.

Update Notifications

Updates are included with the Cow-Calf 007 for one year with no additional charge.

When a new version of the Cow-Calf 007 is available on the website, an update notification appears at program startup for most users. You may also check for updates at any time by use of the Check for Updates item on the program icon menu.

If your installed program is out of date, a list of changes since your installed version is displayed.

Install program updates from the registered user download page at