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Alpaca Record Keeping with Alpaca 007 - Program Tour

Alpaca Record Keeping Simplified

Welcome to the Alpaca 007 program tour! You'll soon explore how open layout navigation quickly brings everything that is required into focus, in plain view and just a click or two away

Please take a moment so that you may see how you'd like to view the program screen shots in the tour. Move your mouse over the screen image to the right and notice the magnified view that pops up. As you move your mouse within the image on the right, you also navigate in the zoomed view on the left. Move your mouse off the image to close the zoomed view. Click on the image to show it full size in your browser and click the back button in the browser to return to the tour.

Navigation for almost all main screens works similar to the way that most email programs do. Select from panes on the left and details show on the right

To get to this Pedigree screen, we clicked to open the Females pane on the left, clicked the female in the list, then clicked Pedigree. The set of filters above the list can help you find animals more quickly. For example: by typing in the Find box, you see only animals with a Name/TagNum that begins with the letters that you type. You can show and hide the filters by clicking the small red arrow near the top of the pane.

Within the main animal screen, navigation works in a similar way, just click the navigation button on the left to bring up additional information specific for the animal such as full Picture Pedigree, Breeding, Veterinary Treatments and more.. As you tour, you'll notice how throughout the Alpaca 007, pictures are supported to enhance documentation.

Comprehensive Set of Reports

Reports are grouped by category to provide quick access to all aspects of your operation.

At a glance status of livestock productivity, breeding, health, pasture management and much more...

Click the Go To Selected Animal button and the Alpaca 007 brings up the record for any animal in the report

Export reports to an Excel compatible file for additional workup, or print to a PDF file for emailing

Inventory at a glance


Inventory of active animals is shown at program start and available at any time from the Ranch Information screen.

Count is updated automatically and always current

Farm Maintenance and Ranch Extras

Both Editions of the Alpaca 007 include sections for Vehicles, Tractors, Real Estate, Equipment, Working Animals and File Cabinet.

The File Cabinet lets you scan and store important documents, retrieve as needed

Never lose track of who borrowed that piece of equipment with the Borrowed Items List.

Includes maintenance records, purchase, sales, insurance, financing, picture documention and more...

Scales and Scanners

Integrated support for popular digital scales and EID ear tag scanners is included

Gallager, Tru-Test and Digi-Star scale indicators

AllFlex, Destron and Y-Tex EID ear tag readers

Direct COM port or bluetooth communication with the device

Import of files from manufacture's supplied software

Apply bulk operations using list of EID tags from scanner

Bulk Operations

Save time and improve accuracy with bulk operations for for breeding, herd and pasture moves, treatments, weaning, animal type moves and more

Enter a record for one animal, then copy to selected animals

Copy to the whole herd or just one other selected animal

Per animal cost calculation for treatements based on number of selected animals

Integrated with EID tag lists from wand or file

Preload Values for New Animals

Time saving preloaded values for new animals

Apply commonly used values to new animals added

Enable, disable or modify default values without leaving current screen

The Copy From Last Updated Animal button is a time saving feature when entering a group of similar animals in bulk. After adding one of the animals and entering full details, click the button to load the values into the preload screen to apply to the other new animals.

Export and Import Animals

Export animal information to an Excel compatible spreadheet file for custom worksheets or to send as email attachment

Configure exported file to create the format and included animals of your choice

Import from current records held in worksheet files

Import of MDI Alpaca Manager 5.x data

Picture Pedigree


Full Picture Pedigree with 4 generations viewable

Add/Edit ancestors in place.

Navigate ancestry further generations back with ease.

Print or email full picture pedigree direct from the screen

Animal Info

Most commonly used information at a glance

Add/Edit picture in place

One click Select Page navigation to additional specific animal information and reports

Individual Animal Metrics and Stats

Shows any one of the predefined weights and scores for each animals

Filter options for Herd, Pasture, Owner, Category, Wean Group, Animal Type, Contemporary Groups, Birth Year and Archived Status

Shows sorted listing with Name/TagNum, Animal Type, Sex, Birth Date and selected weight or metric.

Choose Weight or Metric to rank animals by any predefined value such as Birth Weight, Wean Weight, Adjusted Wean Weight, Yearling Weight, Adjusted Yearling Weight, Market Weight or Current Weight.