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Alpaca Manager 007 - Registered User Download

Includes updates for 1 year!

As a registered owner of Alpaca 007, you may download and install the latest updates at no extra cost for one full year after purchase. Refer a friend who purchases either version of the Alpaca 007, or any other Livestock Managers program, and credits you at time of purchase and you'll get the next year for free and your friend gets a 10% off discount!

See Pricing page for full pricing and support details

If you are currently an Alpaca Manager version 5 or earlier user:
The Alpaca 007 will detect if data for the Alpaca Manager is already installed in folder c:\adpalp when it runs for the first time. If data is found, you will be prompted to import your data from the Alpaca Manager. The Alpaca Manager and all its data is left in place after installing Alpaca 007.

Alpaca Whether you purchased the full Commercial Producer Edition or the value priced Small Herd Edition, you are in the right place for your initial installation on your computer and to install the latest program updates.

When the Alpaca 007 first starts each day it checks and alerts you if there is a new update available, so that you are always kept up to date with the most recent program improvements. After you receive notice that a new program update is available, you can return to this page to download and install the latest whenever you are ready. Because we won't interrupt whatever important work you have in mind for today with an intrusive automatic update as other programs may do.
Instructions for installing
Step 1: Click the button on the right download the setup program.
Step 2: Click the Run button to launch the setup program. (If this option is not available in your browser, click the Save button and save to your My Documents or other folder on your computer and launch the setup program by double clicking on it in Windows Explorer.)

Additional Steps for Windows 7 Users:

If the Windows 7 SmartScreen Filter displays the warning 'This program isn't commonly downloaded and could harm your computer.' the following additional steps are required:
Step 3: Click the Actions button
Step 4: In the SmartScreen Filter warning screen stating 'This program might harm your computer'
Click the down arrow next to "More Options".
Step 5: Click "Run Anyway"
The Alpaca 007 program will launch after setup is complete.