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Introducing Livestock Managers Software...Runs on Windows 10 thru Windows XP

Since 1999,  thousands in the livestock industry worldwide have relied on Livestock Managers software as an indispensible tool in maintaining their profitable operations. Our programs are designed to facilitate your best livestock management practices, bringing to attention the criteria required for your most informed decision making.

Our commitment to make the most of your valuable time shows throughout, with handy features such as one time entry/one click picklists, direct pedigree page editing, multiple animal bulk operations, preload default options and much more. Enhance documentation and improve your sales by importing images from your digital camera or smartphone to create full picture pedigrees and reports. Getting up to speed is fast and easy to learn with an open layout that puts comprehensive reports, detailed records and performance metrics just one or two clicks away.

Program updates and toll free USA based support are included for a full year at no additional charge. Have a look and see for yourself why thousands choose Livestock Managers as the easiest to use, most complete and best priced livestock software available.

Cow-Calf Manager 007 - Cattle Record Keeping

Our flagship product, the Cow-Calf Manager 007 makes cattle record keeping simple. The Cow-Calf 007 is cattle software for managing all aspects of your cattle operation. Full of advanced features and sophisticated reports, optimized to make the most of your valuable time. Now includes time saving Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America TLBAA herd file import, registration, ET/AI certification and transfer request form submittal. 

Sheep Manager 007 - Sheep Record Keeping

Sheep operations world-wide rely on the Sheep Manager 007 for their sheep record keeping, sheep performance rating and flock management requirements. Sheep software that includes Ewe Production Index calculation and ranking of ewes and rams by any weight measurement in lambs produced.

Deer Manager 007 - Deer Record Keeping

The Deer Manager 007 is a cost effective deer software assistant in maintaining a profitable deer operation. A complete deer record keeping system that includes integrated submittal of North American Deer Registry - NADR forms, Texas Annual Reports, Antler Scoring, Harvest reports, Feed Stands, Food Plots and more.

Goat Manager 007 - Goat Record Keeping

Goat Manager 007 software is in service world-wide, supporting dairy, meat and wool goat operations with sophisticated herd management capabilities. The Goat Manager 007 delivers a dependable, easy to use, complete goat record keeping program for managing all aspects of goat production.

Swine Manager 007 - Swine Record Keeping

Make the most of your swine operation with the Swine Manager 007. Developed using herd improvement guidelines, adjustment factors, selection indexes and composition equations as published by the National Swine Improvement Federation. The Swine Manager 007 delivers a dependable, easy to use, complete swine record keeping program for managing all aspects of swine production.

Equine Manager 007 - Equine Record Keeping

For small herds or unlimited size large herds, the Equine 007 is a powerful productivity tool for improving profitability at your Equine operation. Easy to use, yet maintains complete and accurate records. Full picture pedigree charts. Many time saving features; medicate, wean or breed one animal and apply to entire herd. Comprehensive set of reports for Livestock Inventory, Sales, Animal Health, Pasture Management, Equipment and Finances.

Alpaca Manager 007 - Alpaca Record Keeping

The Alpaca Manager 007 is a sophisticated program capable of handling the most demanding alpaca record keeping tasks, while remaining very easy to use. Instead of hidden drop-down menus, this alpaca manager has clearly marked buttons on the screens in plain view. Includes full picture pedigree charts, and many useful reports and features.

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